$ 44B giveaway? Congress prepares to extend tax breaks for horse owners, film …
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While you might lose money betting on the tracks, some race horse owners are making millions — and with the help of the U.S. tax code, they can write off the cost of their thoroughbreds.

That’s just one of 55 tax “extenders,” worth up to $ 44 billion, currently being debated by Congress.

The term “tax extender” is Washington-speak for typically narrow-interest tax breaks that are only authorized for a year or two. While lawmakers stress popular things like the deduction for state and local taxes, there are numerous items they don’t mention — like the break for race horses. This particular subsidy, costing taxpayers approximately $ 97 million, allows horse owners to write off up to 50 percent of the cost of their three-year-old horse. That’s the age of horses that run in the Kentucky Derby and other high-stakes races. 

From the horse track to the race track, NASCAR owners also get a break. While Uncle Sam doesn’t care if you repave your driveway, motor sports owners who blacktop a race track can recover the cost in just seven years. The price tag for the budget: $ 15 million. </…………… continues on Fox News

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5 Tips On How To Winterize Your Motorcycle
News from Two Wheel Mania:

For many motorcycle riders, winter is just around the corner, which means it’s sadly time to put your favorite ride away. Before you do so, taking the right winterization steps will ensure you that your bike will be up and running the second the snow melts in spring.

Taking your motorcycle to a shop for a winterization package can cost hundreds of dollars. However, there are more affordable ways to keep your ride safe through the winter. Here are five tips:

1) Clean Your Motorcycle Before Storing

It would add insult to injury if you stored your bike for months and on the first sunny spring day, you pull your bike out to see if covered in dead leaves and debris from the fall, forcing you to clean it before you went on a ride. Instead of getting stuck cleaning on the first day you can ride, take all the proper cleaning steps before you store your bike.

When riders let water spots sit on their motorcycle, it can corrode over time and especially during intense winters. Unless you have a climate-controlled storage area, wash your bike and clean all the water spots and dead bugs off your windshield and tank. Also, make sure you dry it completely to get the mo…………… continues on Two Wheel Mania

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