A wise effort to restore the law for all cyclists
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MOTORCYCLISTS IN PENNSYLVANIA won a sort of Pyrrhic victory in 2003. That year, the state Legislature repealed the law requiring all motorcycle riders to wear protective helmets.

The term “Pyrrhic victory” is named after one King Pyrrhus of Epirus, whose army defeated the Romans in a couple of battles around 280 B.C. but sustained horrific, irreplaceable casualties in the process. Today, to win a Pyrrhic victory is often to lose because of the cost involved.

Cyclists lobbied long and hard, including huge rallies outside the Capitol in Harrisburg, to win the right to shed their helmets. Their argument was that wearing a helmet should be an individual choice. Lawmakers eventually gave in, retaining the helmet requirement for riders under 21 and new riders over 21 with less than two years’ experience unless they have completed a PennDOT safety course. (The fact that Pennsylvania’s statute covers only some riders has earned the state a “poor” helm…………… continues on phillyBurbs.com
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Restored microcars get 60 mpg, cost $ 35000
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Go ahead, laugh. Then consider that those funny-looking microcars that once filled the motorways of post-World War II Europe get 60 mpg.

Still laughing? “With the cost of gas, these little cars are ratcheting up” in cost and popularity, said Jack Koch, who restores the bubble- and egg-shaped vehicles with his son, Jeff. “We sell every one we get.”

The Grand Traverse Auto Service Center owners and their mechanics began to restore vintage motorcycles and cars several years ago as a way to offset the slow times.

“They ended up being fillers in the winter when we weren’t busy,” said Koch, 65, who lives in Elk Rapids. “We’d spend two months working on one and then sell it for a little cash flow.”

Now the team turns out four or five cars…………… continues on Chicago Tribune
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