American International Motorcycle Expo Now Four Days
News from Sport Rider Magazine:

IRVINE, Calif. –Marketplace Events Motorcycle Group, producer of the American International Motorcycle Expo (AIMExpo), has announced the 2014 show will be a four-day event held on October 16-19, 2014. Last year’s inaugural event was five days.

In the short time since the launch of AIMExpo, show management has received a significant amount of feedback from the Powersports industry hailing the event as much needed and an overwhelming success. Based on input received, and keeping with AIMExpo’s mission of providing the most effective and efficient platform for B2B and B2C commerce, AIMExpo will be streamlined by one day.

Orlando, Florida’s Orange County Convention Center remains the host venue for the event. Exclusive trade and media days will be held on Thursday and Friday (October 16 & 17) with the show expanding to include consumer attendees on Saturday and Sunday (October 18 & 19).

AIMExpo is powersports’ only combined trade, media and consumer event in North America.

“Since the beginning, a core goal has been to serve as a catal…………… continues on Sport Rider Magazine

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There is an interesting vogue currently apparent amongst journalists not only in the biking press but also the general media – and even the serious financial magazines. It is this: buy a classic bike and have a guaranteed profit.

The adage which I learned very early on in my business life, and has served me well ever since, still holds true: If a deal looks too good to be true it always is.

This golden rule of business still remains. Yes, you can drop lucky occasionally. I once bought 5400 helmets at a ludicrously cheap price because I happened to be leaning on the counter of a wholesaler as the bank took the keys off the owner and closed him down – but situations like that happen only rarely.

A clear statement that you can’t lose money on a classic bike is very different – especially when that advice is being offered not only to members of the motorcycling fraternity who really know little about classics, but also to the wider public who truly wouldn’t know the difference…………… continues on STM: A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing –

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