ATV and motorcycle safety
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Troopers to host free motorcycle safety program March 7
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The Oklahoma Highway Patrol will host a free motorcycle safety program in Ada to teach riders various techniques taught to officers and troopers.

The class will be taught at the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 7. CLEET is located at 2401 Egypt Rd., just off U.S. 377 north of Ada. Instruction will be given on the lower level driving pad.

Experts will provide instruction on how to properly pick up a downed bike, properly use clutch and throttle control in conjunction to manipulate the motorcycle at slow speeds, the use of proper head and eye movement to control the direction of the motorcycle and to change directions. The troopers will also discuss the importance of motorcycle placement and wheel tracking.

Second instruction involves proper techniques for emergency braking, correct procedure for how to apply front brake lever for maximum efficiency and threshold braking, how to apply the rear brake at the same time to get 100-percent threshold braking and what to do if the rider experiences lockup for the front and rear wheel.

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