Auto Owners Insurance for Self-Employed Workers Now Quoted at Insurer Portal …
News from Insurance News Net:

Miami, FL (PRWEB) September 28, 2014

Men and women in the U.S. who work independently can now use the Quotes Pros company to connect with different insurers offering automotive plans on the Internet. A new source of auto owners insurance companies can be reviewed using the portal at

The self-employed workers who are expected to enter the portal this year to begin research for agencies and price data will be asked to present a zip code that will be validated. This new procedure helps to make sure that only companies in a certain part of the country are returned during an insurer search.

“Our database is national and now provides a prompt method of reviewing agencies and price information using only an Internet connection,” said a Quotes Pros rep.

The database that is open for the public to access this year also provides options for non-motor vehicle owners to review. Coverage for motorcycle owners is one of the newest inclusions to the statewide system and different rider plans can be explored for price and for policy declarations.

“Consumers who use our system make contact with companies that start the process of quoting a…………… continues on Insurance News Net

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More women motorcyclists riding, and dying
News from Standard-Examiner:

A motorcycle rests on the guard rail along the North Ogden divide after an unidentified man driving…

HUNTSVILLE — At first glance, crash data collected in Utah suggest men in their twenties riding motorcycles on an August day at 2 p.m. may be a statistic on wheels waiting to happen. But the problem lies more with the number of people who fit that description, experts say, and do not necessarily indicate men are more reckless on their choppers.

Twenty-nine men were killed while riding their motorcycles in Utah during 2013, according to the state Department of Public Safety. Similar female fatalities were extremely rare, numbering just two in that span. The same trend holds nationally, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety: 91 percent of the 4,246 motorcycle fatalities nationwide in 2012 were male.

Motorcycle incidents statewide are most deadly in the afternoons and in the summer, periods when motorcycle traffic is high. The age group most likely to be in motorcycle collisions is 20-24 years old, making up 16.4 percent of all incidents. And the proportion of American motorcyclists who are men is high — but not quite the 91 percent high reflected in annual deaths.

Data compiled by the national Motorcycle Industry Cycle reports 12.5 percent of motorcycle owners in 2012 were women, up from 10.5 percent from 2009……………. continues on Standard-Examiner

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