Boise motorcyclists win case against dog owner on Judge Judy
News from KTVB:

BOISE — Have you ever wondered what it would be like to appear in the courtroom reality show “Judge Judy”? Last month, a group of Boise friends found out, taping an episode that aired Wednesday afternoon on KTVB.

Motorcycle rider sues dog owner for multi-bike crash

Last July, Rick Gibson and his two friends Dennis and Vicki Wallace, were all riding motorcycles near Banks when a dog ran out from near the river and in front of an SUV. Gibson says the SUV stopped, Vicki Wallace crashed into the SUV, Dennis Wallace dodged the SUV, but Gibson ended up crashing into his bike.

All had injuries or motorcycle damage, and insurance covered most of it, but Gibson only had liability insurance. He couldn’t get his bike repairs covered. Gibson believed the dog’s owner was responsible and should cover the cost.

Gibson initially filed a small claims case against the dog’s owner, but just a week later, Judge Judy producers convinced him his case may be better solved on television.

“If you win on Judge Judy, you get a check. If you win in small claims court, they may say to the defendant, pay Rick $ 50 a month, and that’s not going to fix my motorcycle,” Gibson said.

The Judge Judy experience: What’s it really like?

Of course, Judge Judy is pretty well known for her quick temper, so the decision to go on…………… continues on KTVB

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