Cham FB Motorcycle Safety Gloves Offer Extra Safety In The Rain (video)
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Riding a motorcycle in the rain can offer a variety of extra issues that add to the dangerous nature of riding a bike on public highways.

Now Frederick H C Brewer has designed a new safety motorcycle glove which includes innovations to combat bad weather and potentially lethal sudden death downpours.

Brewer explains a little more about his new revolutionary Cham FB bike glove design :

“At the moment all you can do when caught out in bad wheather on a motor-cycle is painfully look through the drops on your visor for as long as you can, and then forfeit to smearing it with your leather glove. This only makes things worse.

All the while you have the added pressure of your safety and others. It is near on impossible to see in front of you, let alone your mirrors on a motorcycle in a downpour and i’m surprised that a safety commission has not yet recognised this as a serious preventable road hazard for motorcyclists.

My innovative idea is based on research and use of my own knowledge through my experience in riding thr…………… continues on Geeky Gadgets

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Posted: Thursday, January 22, 2015 9:15 am

  • Allie Robinson

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