Changing Tennessee’s motorcycle helmet law will cost lives, raise health care …
News from The Tennessean:

Dr. Richard Miller 10:53 a.m. CDT March 25, 2014

Why alter Tennessee’s universal motorcycle helmet law? This year, as in years past, a cohort of our state legislators is seeking to change the current law making motorcycle helmets mandatory for all riders to a new partial helmet law that makes helmets optional for riders over age 25. The rationale behind the proposed legislation isn’t clear.

What is without question is that motorcycle helmets save lives and prevent, or at a minimum reduce, the devastating effects of traumatic brain injuries. Unhelmeted motorcyclists are twice as likely to suffer severe head injuries as helmeted riders.

At Vanderbilt and hospitals across Tennessee, physicians see the direct benefit of the state’s current universal helmet law in the accident victims we treat. There is a mounta…………… continues on The Tennessean

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Senior motorcyclists to get break on city stickers
News from Chicago Tribune:

Senior motorcyclists to get break on city stickers (Tribune Illustration)

Older motorcycle riders would get a small break on the price of their vehicle stickers under a proposal endorsed today by a City Council committee.

Currently, vehicle stickers for motorcycles owned by people aged 65 or older cost $ 45. Under the new proposal, put forward by 30th Ward Ald. Ariel Reboyras, that annual fee would drop to $ 30 — the same amount as it is now for all cars owned by seniors.

“We have a senior in our ward who rides a motorcycle all year round — it’s a tricycle actually,” Reboyras said, adding that the rider asked him why he doesn’t get the same discount as car-driving seniors. “That is his only form of transportation they own. They are entitled to a discount.”

The proposal won a unanimous vote of the Transportation a…………… continues on Chicago Tribune

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