Clearwater Lights Assists with Motor Officer Safety
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Manufacturer of “Krista” motorcycle LED lights helps local police department.

RANCHO CORDOVA, CA, February 29, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the addition of Clearwater Safety lights, police motor officers in Folsom, CA now ride with increased confidence. The department recently took delivery of Clearwater “Krista” Police LED lights for the BMW R1200RT motorcycles.

Folsom Police Sergeant, Kirk Morris, contacted Clearwater’s owner, Glenn Stasky, upon learning of the police lights. “The light demonstration was impressive. Stasky offered to install a set of lights on one of our bikes for evaluation. We rotated the bike throughout the department and it soon became evident that we wanted to equip the entire fleet with these lights,” Morris said, “Now that the patrol bikes all have the lights, when we have to use the back up bike without the Kristas, we don’t feel as safe.”

The value of these lights was evident on the very first day of use. One of the motor officers had been sitting at a red light when a car ran the light directly in front of him. The officer took off after the violator with his standard “RED and BLUE” emergency lights. The motorist continued driving as if the officer had not been there. When the officer turned on the Clearwater “Krista” lights, the motorist immediately pulled over. When the officer approached…………… continues on U.S. Politics Today

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