College offers safety courses to motorcyclists
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Deadly crash fuels concerns about motorcycle safety
News from TMJ4:

KENOSHA — The seasons are changing, and so are the gears.

Police officers in Kenosha are sounding the alarm on motorcycle safety, especially as more bikers ride out of the their garage and into the warm weather.

“The dangers come with whether it’s the rider of a motorcycle or the rider of a vehicle,” said Sergeant David Molinaro. “Both drivers have to watch out and pay attention to the other one.”

Late Monday, Kenosha police said a truck pulled out to make a left turn and instead slammed two oncoming motorcycles who had the right of way. The crash killed one rider and sent the other to the hospital. 

Even as the investigation continues, Molinaro said it doesn’t really matter the circumstances — drivers and riders share the road and responsibility.

“Motorcycles have headlights and nowadays those headlights are so bright you can see them from a mile away,” Molinaro said. “It comes down to you need to pay attention to what goes on on the roads.”

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