Combat Center keeps Marines on guard, riding safe
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The Combat Center provides its Marines with the means to be proficient and defensive motorcycle operators. In accordance with the Commandant of the Marine Corps’ guidance for reducing motorcycle incidents, injuries and deaths, the Combat Center Safety Office offers several Motorcycle Safety Foundation riding courses for a variety of skill levels. The motorcycle safety courses offered are the Basic Riders Course, Advanced Rider Course, Lee Parks Total Control and Track Day.

“A rider can come in here with any skill set, from first-time rider to advanced, and they will learn new things, be challenged and ultimately walk away a safer motorcycle operator,” Piirainen said.
The courses are open to all military. Service members require a few days off work to participate in Motorcycle Operator Training with the approval of a staff noncommissioned officer or higher from their command.

“The units are really supportive of their Marines getting this training,” Piirainen said. “They lose the Marine for a few days, but ultimately they know the course prevents them from losing that Marine for good.”

For any active duty personnel to operate a motorcycle on or off base, it is mandatory to complete the Basic Rider’s Course. BRC is a three-day long course, available regularly and takes the place of the riding portion of the Department of Motor Vehicle…………… continues on DVIDS

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Central Illinois man preaches motorcycle safety
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2012-09-22T00:00:00Z 2012-09-21T20:50:06Z Central Illinois man preaches motorcycle safetyBy Tony Reid (Decatur) Herald & Review

MACON, Ill. | Don Koehler’s T-bucket hot rod needed almost as many repairs as its driver.

Koehler says that’s what you get for believing the silver-tongued promises of the radical street monster’s former owner. “When I bought it, they said it had a rebuilt motor, a rebuilt tranny (transmission) and a rebuilt rear end,” he explains. “But I found out there ain’t nothin’ rebuilt.”

On the other hand, Koehler, who lives near Macon, has undergone extensive personal reconstruction. Almost dead after a truck wiped out his motorcycle in 2011, he suffered a collapsed lung, “six or seven” broken ribs, a shattered right arm, a crushed left hip and a fractured skull, among other injuries. Doctors sank him into a medically induced coma for 20 days while his internal injuries were repaired, and he emerged with a steel rod holding his right leg together and a brand-new left hip.

But not everything could get fixed. His right arm is perpetually crooked at the elbow, in a boomerang shape, a…………… continues on

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