GHSA Praises Report for Motorcycle Safety Changes
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Motorcycle Safety News

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released its recent evaluation of federal and state efforts to address motorcycle safety. GHSA strongly supports the recommended changes, as these would lead to a more effective approach to this issue.

First, GAO suggests that Congress give states more flexibility in their use of federal highway safety funds to more broadly address the complex issue of motorcycle safety. Currently, states can spend these funds only on motorcyclist training and raising motorist awareness of motorcycles.

States should be able to use their federal funds to support motorcycle advisory committees, development of motorcycle safety strategic plans, enforcement of helmet and other motorcycle safety laws, programs to prevent impaired motorcycling and speeding, licensing improvements, and programs to encourage voluntary helmet usage and greater ride…………… continues on Ultimate MotorCycling | News and Reviews

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If you can’t make motorcyclists wear helmets, what CAN you do?
News from Michigan Radio:

Experts agree that the best way to reduce traffic fatalities involving motorcyclists is mandatory helmet laws.

But only nineteen states have such laws, and the number is smaller than it used to be, as several states in recent years repealed their mandatory helmet laws, including Michigan.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office says barring that most effective strategy, Congress should consider letting states use their federal motorcycle safety grants for more things.

The federal government gives $ 45 billion to states every year for motorcyclist training and for improving driver awareness of motorcycles.

The GAO says it might help if Congress allowed states to also use that money for other strategies, such as public education to try to boost voluntary use of helmets, and educating police about motorcycle safety, in order to strengthen enforcement.

The report says motorcycle accidents cost the nation a minimum of $ 16 billion a year.¬† That figure doesn’t include long-term care costs for people seriously injured while riding a motorcycle.

The report also estimates that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die on the roadw…………… continues on Michigan Radio

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