Giving two-wheelers some space
News from Burlington Times News:

Spring is here. Beware of the two-wheelers.

You’ll begin to see more and more motorcycles and bicycles on the highways as the weather warms. Some sort of public safety announcement should be made this time of year to alert drivers of to be aware of their counterparts.

We shouldn’t perceive two-wheelers to be menacing travelers. They are entitled to drive on the roadways if they are licensed to do so.

An annual public safety warning to be aware of two-wheel vehicles should focus on motorcycles, considering bicyclists usually take the less-traveled routes, and they are keenly aware of their vulnerability on the open roads. Still, drivers in Burlington especially should be alert for bicyclists who are often just looking for a little space to move around on some more congested city streets. Make sure to give them space.

The problem with motorcycle accidents seems not to be the motorcyclists but the drivers of trucks, sedans and SUVs. Many times drivers of four-wheel or 18-wheel vehicles just don’t perceive motorcycles as real, well, vehicles with real passengers aboard. In many instances, drivers of cars and trucks inexplicably wheel out in the roadway in front of motorcycles.

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General Sessions: Week of March 23-27 – Advocateanddemocrat
News from General Sessions: Week of March 23-27 – Advocateanddemocrat:

The following is compiled from records of Monroe County General Sessions Court. Readers are cautioned that persons may exist with similar or identical names to those listed and addresses may have changed since the arrest. The term “11/29” means the defendant received a sentence of 11 months, 29 days – generally the most severe sentence given for misdemeanors in Tennessee. This brief round of sessions was held on Feb. 20 and several of theses cases were reset for Feb. 24 before another snow storm canceled court on that day.

Calvin Bell, 47, North Main Street, Sweetwater, DUI, reset for 4/14.

Frank Ray Carroll, 24, Southgate Road, Madisonville, driving on a suspended license, $ 65, six months suspended.

Victoria Ruth Christie, 24, Uphill Drive, Madisonville, driving on a revoked license, $ 65, six months suspended.

Lacey Melina Crowder, 23, County Road 587, Englewood, DUI, driving on a suspended license, insurance violation, reset for 4/7.

Jordan Todd Davis, 19, Steekee Road, Loudon, driving on a suspended license, expire registration, dismissed.

Heather Lee Downey, 40, Old Highway 68, Sweetwater, no driver’s license, $ 25, 30 days suspended; insurance violation, $ 10.

Mark Alan Duckett, 43, Gamble Gap Road, Tellico Plains, DUI, implied consent violation, r…………… continues on General Sessions: Week of March 23-27 – Advocateanddemocrat

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