Guernsey motorbike safety course may end, warns minister
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Only five people can be trained at a time at La Mare de Carteret compared to 10 at the previous site

If problems with Guernsey’s compulsory basic motorcycle training cannot be solved it may have to end, the environment minister has warned.

Currently anyone wanting to book a place faces a four-month wait.

The delay has been caused by the move of the course from Les Beaucamps High School to a smaller area at La Mare de Carteret High School.

Deputy Peter Sirett said if a bigger suitable site could not be found they may have to discontinue the course.

He said: “If it reaches the point where people literally are unable to book CBT tests then maybe we’ve got to look at whether we’ll have to carry on with this compulsory basic training.

“From a road safety point of view I’d hate to see that happen because I believe the youngsters who go through CBT are out on to the roads much better prepared than they would be if they hadn’t been through the process.”

Impossible to know

The Environment Department has also received calls to change the current system, under which the departme…………… continues on BBC News

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Will reversing motorcycle law be dangerous?
News from WDBJ7:

Some proposed laws aimed at improving motorist safety – making texting and driving a primary offense, for example – have been shot down in the Virginia General Assembly.

But alive and well is the proposed repeal of a 40-plus year-old law that makes it against the law for two motorcyclists to ride side-by-side in the same lane. Virginia is just one of two states in the U.S. with such a law on the books.

The proposal, sponsored by 26th District Delegate Tony Wilt and 18th District Delegate Michael Webert, sailed through the transportation committee and, overwhelmingly, through the House.

The law is an old one, probably sparked by the menacing motorcycle gangs of the 60s.

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“1968. We assume it had to do with motorcycle gangs,” said motorcycling lobbyist Jim Cannon. “We don’t have institutional memory going back that far to tell us why it was enacted.”

Cannon, with the Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists, said 48 other states eith…………… continues on WDBJ7

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