Harley to Produce Electric Motorcycle
News from 24/7 Wall St.:

In what amounts to its first step toward an electric motorcycle, Harley-Davidson Inc. (NYSE: HOG) announced Thursday morning that a prototype bike called Project LiveWire will be available in select areas around the country next week. The bike will not be for sale, but rather offers consumers a chance to ride an electric Harley and provide the company with feedback on the bike.

Harley is not the first motorcycle maker to launch an electric bike, but as the iconic U.S. motorcycle maker the company makes a big noise in more ways than one. Harley sold more than 260,000 gasoline-powered motorcycles last year, and while it may never sell that many electric bikes, it cannot afford to miss the opportunity.

Like the all-electric Model S sedan from Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), electric bikes have a limited range and high price tag. Because the Harley bike is not for sale yet, we do not know what the price tag for that will be. But an electric street bike from Mission Motorcycles with a range of 140 miles and a top speed of 150 miles an hour sells for $ 59,000, but you can pay $ 75,000 if you’re so inclined. It is not unrealistic to think that a Harley electric would cost somewhere around that price……………. continues on 24/7 Wall St.

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Special Forces veterans find inspiration on motorcycle adventure started by …
News from Colorado Springs Gazette:

Eight Special Operations Forces veterans who experienced life-altering events took back their freedom and independence and helped each other complete a 10-day motorcycle ride across the nation from Seattle to Tampa, Fla.

They visited Colorado along the way during the inaugural adventure of Project Road Warrior on June 5-14.

“We wanted to take special operations wounded or injured, veterans or active duty, on this ride as a way to really focus on bringing all these Type A personalities together and inspire others along the way,” said Air Force Tech. Sgt. Alex Eudy, a native of Englewood and an Air Force special operations weather technician, who was injured when the vehicle he was in hit a bomb in January 2009 in Afghanistan, crushing his feet and ankles.

With the help of special braces that keep much of the pressure off his feet, Eudy continues to serve on active duty at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland where he helps other wounded vets. He said he was fortunate to take part in the ride, which he and his fellow riders dubbed “adventure therapy.”

“It’s cathartic. It takes you out of everything else. For 10 straight days all I’m focusing on is my brothers- and sisters-in-arms, the folks that I’ve met,” Eudy said. “Here we are a bunch of wounded and injured vets helping each other out, and just laughing about…………… continues on Colorado Springs Gazette

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