Honda bike, ATV safety questioned
News from The Tennessean:

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Stable and safe an electric motorbike with car comforts
News from euronews:

A research team from San Francisco has designed a prototype for a gyro-stabilised electric motorcycle. Lit Motors, have blended design elements from a car and a motorcycle to create, what they claim is a safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly and low cost electric vehicle. It has air bags, seat belts, and steel reinforced doors. According to the manufacturer, it really has all the safety benefits of a car but on a two-wheels.

Daniel Kim is the founder of Lit Motors:

“We use gyroscopes to actually keep the vehicle upright so it makes it un-tippable. You need a baby elephant to knock it over. “

Gyroscopes in the vehicle are designed to keep it from tipping over even when involved in a collision. The company says the top speed will be around 193 km an hour. Production of the first one thousand vehicles is expected to begin in 2014 with the price tag set around 19 thousand US dollars.

Electric cars are the new rage – environmentally friendly, quiet and cheap to maintain. The big drawback is the price. Saving the environment does not come cheap. Now a Lithuanian businessmen plans to supply the local market with the affordable Electron Twingo by using adapted second-hand Renault Twingos. The ‘PB group’ company, which sells tyres and repairs cars, has already built two prototypes and is preparing the third one.

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