How to Coach Your Kid (or New Rider)… With advice from Rich Oliver.
News from Cycleworld:

The couple sitting next to me on an airline flight weren’t motorcyclists, but motorcycles had helped their son. “We moved to another state when he was just starting junior high school and he didn’t fit in. We got him a dirt bike, and he met a great group of friends.”

True story—and not uncommon—but lurking in the back of the picture is the risk of possible injury. And it’s this risk that sometimes holds parents back when considering bikes for their kids.

My experience in rider training has shown me how proper technique and good-fitting gear significantly reduce risk, but we reached out to The Mystery School’s Rich Oliver ( for more advice on the subject of dirt bike training.

“The first thing that comes to mind when teaching a kid or a new person to ride,” Oliver says, “is the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) DirtBike School. This class is a great way to see if your child has the desire to ride a motorcycle, and you won’t be buying a bike they don’t like or doesn’t fit them.”

Oliver runs a chapter of the DirtBike program at his ranch in Auberry, California, and provi…………… continues on Cycleworld

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