Importance of motorcycle safety
News from Visalia Times-Delta:

There has been a 37 percent decrease in motorcycle fatalities in California since hitting its peak in 2008.

The Visalia Police Department wants that trend to continue and with that, they will be conducting a specialized safety enforcement operation on Tuesday in the city limits.

“The terrible trend of rising motorcyclist fatalities has been reversed,” California Office of Traffic Safety Director Christopher J. Murphy said in a statement. “Though there is more that everyone can do to save more lives. Riders and drivers need to respect each other and share the road.”

In 2008, 560 motorcyclists died in California. That was a whopping 175 percent from 1998, when the state saw 204 riders killed. But the past two years has seen a reverse in that trend. There were 394 fatalities in 2009 and 352 in 2010.

One major reason for the reduction in deaths, police said, is that they’re fewer improperly licensed riders. In 2008, 62.7 percent of those motorcyclists killed under the age of 25 were not properly licensed. The following year that dropped to 45.5 percent. The police said it encourages all riders, young and old, to be properly licensed and to seek training and safety information.

In Visalia, there have been four deaths over the past five years. There were two in 2008, one in 2010 and one this year with none in 2009 and 2011.

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MSF to Host Two Safety Conferences Fall 2013
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The Motorcycle Safety Foundation will hold two MSF International Motorcyclist Safety Conferences in an effort to further the non-profit organization’s goal of creating and supporting motorcyclists of good riding character and, ultimately, saving lives. Although both conferences are scheduled for the Fall of 2013, the exact dates and locations of the U.S. conferences will be announced at a later date.

Both MSF conferences will have a decidedly scientific focus, with heavy emphasis placed on the successful delivery of safety training and improved student outcomes. MSF’s own Dr. Sherry Williams will present results from the Safety Renewal Study as well as preliminary results from the groundbreaking MSF 100 Motorcyclists Naturalistic Study.

“MSF is very excited at the prospect of hosting two new international safety conferences,” said MSF Vice President Robert Gladden. “Our objective is to create effective and efficient conference environments so the participants can make the most of their attendance, both in what they take away from the conferences and in what they contribute. And…………… continues on

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