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As one who monitors news media it is very clear to me that motorcyclists are truly endangered. Some are victims, and others are responsible for their own demise. Those are the facts. Today’s issue is not with the cyclists as much as it is with the car and truck drivers who share the road.

As I travel the interstates and secondary roads across Georgia, I find it interesting to watch the cyclists as they travel either ahead of, next to, or behind me.

Just this past week I came upon a group of Rolling Thunder cyclists, and there is a lot to be said for these former military troops and their companions. They are courteous, they tend to stay in a tight group, and they are usually older, more “settled” drivers.

Then there are the smaller groups from two to six cyclists and they, too, tend to ride together but not always as a tight group, and they vary widely by age.

The solo cyclists are an interesting and wide-ranging group from the graybeards to the bullet bike riders who never saw a speed limit sign they could read.

Let’s be honest, the same can be said for the 4-wheel drivers.

What is a serious concern is the number of traffic fatalities of cyclists and why they occur. High on my list of what to watch out for are those drivers who don’t seem to pay attention to cyclists. Sure, we’ve discussed distracted driving enough, but these…………… continues on The Augusta Chronicle

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