LETTER — Repeal of motorcycle helmet law was a mistake
News from HollandSentinel.com:

My wife and I have been bikers for 40-plus years, and were disappointed that our Republican governor and Legislature allowed helmetless motorcycle riding. We are confident that this position is not supported by a majority of bikers.

It is now imperative that auto and motorcycle insurance be separated, each group paying for its own folly. The $ 20,000 first-party insurance required for helmetless bikers is a pittance when head and brain injuries are involved. This change might affect the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association fund and our no-fault system. Then we would all be the losers.

Ted E. Boeve

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BIKES: MIC Adopts Protocol For Determining Electric Motorcycle Top Speed
News from SPEEDtv.com:

Consumers wanting to compare top speed capabilities among various electric motorcycles will soon find help from a new test procedure developed by the Motorcycle Industry Council. The Top Speed Test Procedure for Electric Motorcycles, just created by the MIC’s Electric Vehicle Subcommittee, establishes standards for determining an electric motorcycle’s maximum velocity.

“Manufacturers have used a variety of means for calculating top speed, presenting a challenge for shoppers interested in what an electric bike can really do,” said Tim Buche, president and CEO of the MIC. “Some methods used right now may not give an accurate measurement, even under similar test conditions. The more that electric motorcycle makers adopt this protocol, the more it can help buyers who are taking a good look at this emerging segment.”

The MIC anticipates that manufacturers will immediately and voluntarily begin using the new protocol. The MIC subcommittee also expects to have this new test procedure adopted by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

The MIC’s Top Speed Test Procedure is based on the European Union test procedure, andsets standards for the many variables involved in determining top speed, such as vehicle equipment, battery charge-discharge cycle, test roadway conditions, rider weight, attire and riding position, and atmospheric conditions such as…………… continues on SPEEDtv.com

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