Man fights cops after falling from motorcycle, police say
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Mia Canedo (left) and Bruce May (right) 

WAYNE - A motorcyclist and his passenger wrestled with police after the two were ejected from the bike and tried to flee officers on Route 23 Monday night, authorities said.

Township Officer Anthony Bailey was patrolling the highway shortly before 9 p.m. when fellow officers alerted him to a motorcycle that was cutting off drivers and traveling between lanes, according to Capt. Laurence Martin.

Bailey spotted the bike turn left at a right turn only ramp and travel in the shoulder, Martin said in a statement. When the officer pulled up and approached the motorcycle, it immediately started inching into traffic against a red light.

The officer also noticed the license plate was turned sideways and had its lettering covered with tape, according to the captain.

As the light changed, the bike took off and Bailey jumped out of the way, Martin added. The motorcycle’s footpeg got stuck in the patrol car side molding.

That mishap caused the bike to fall in the intersection…………… continues on

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Motorcycle classes can improve the odds for safety on the road
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The statistics are sobering.

The number of motorcycle deaths was more than 26 times the number of car fatalities per mile traveled in 2013, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The reasons range from having a vehicle that is harder to control compared to one with four wheels, a machine with less protection and visibility than a car, and the issue of automobile drivers often not watching out for motorcycles.

But motorcyclists can improve their odds of riding prudently by taking a motorcycle safety course.

Lynne M. Vandewater, who owns Go Motorcycling, Inc., operates motorcycle rider courses in Watertown at Jefferson Community College during summers and in Utica and Rome at Mohawk Valley Community College campuses during the summer and fall.

At JCC, summer courses end today. At the MVCC campuses, classes run through October.

Go Motorcycling is affiliated with the New York State Motorcycle Safety Program. Students who complete the Go Motorcycling basic rider course and who have a motorcycle learner’s permit receive a road-test waiver from the state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Ms. Vandewater said Go Motorcycling, which also offers advanced courses, has been at JCC since 2003.

“In general, it’s been an upward trend,” she said of the number of participa…………… continues on

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