Memorable Motorcycle: Honda RS125R
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Melling gets to know the Honda RS125R GP bike at the Anglesey Circuit – confronted by the remarkable performance and engineering crammed into the 125 tiddler.

There is a very apposite saying amongst racers when they hear armchair experts giving their opinions. It’s this: “The track looks very different on the action side of the Armco.” Truly putting the racing world to rights, while watching TV, is a heck of a lot easier than pitching a bike into a corner at 100 mph.

I must confess to being guilty as charged in this respect because of the numerous critical comments I have made about 125 GP racing. Now, having ridden a 125 GP bike, I understand why Grand Prix insiders always considered the 125s to be an ideal feeder class for MotoGP. In short, these tiny race bikes are miniature versions of full on Grand Prix machines.

The difference between a GP bike and a conventional race bike is difficult to overstate and this begins right at the core of the motorcycle. The Honda RS125R was sold as a serious, over the counter race bike and wasn’t cheap at $ 13,000. However, the sales ticket really only bought the would-b…………… continues on

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