Michigan motorcycle safety bill seeks to close ‘loophole’ on repeated …
News from MLive.com:

A “CY” endorsement, for “cycle,” signifies a motorcyclist is fully endorsed to ride on Michigan roads.

LANSING, MI — Michigan lawmakers are looking to close an “apparent loophole” that allows motorcycle operators to obtain a temporary permit each riding season without ever completing a safety course or skills test required for full endorsement.

Temporary Instruction Permits, intended for new or returning riders, are valid for 180 days and require operators to travel alongside an endorsed adult. But enforcement is difficult, and TIP holders are significantly over-represented in traffic accidents each year.

Unfit for the road: Many motorcyclists – with and without helmets – are riding illegally

Current law allows operators to obtain a temporary permit every season. But House Bill 4781, introduced by state Rep. Bradford Jacobsen (R-Oxford) and…………… continues on MLive.com

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Capitola police to focus on motorcycle safety enforcement
News from Santa Cruz Sentinel:

CAPITOLA — As the first month of 2014 comes to an end, Capitola police officers are stepping up their enforcement to ensure safety for motorcyclists.

The enforcement is part of a larger road safety campaign funded by a grant from the Office of Traffic Safety given to Capitola Police Department.

There were several campaigns since the summer focusing on areas such as speeding, drunken driving and other traffic violations. This latest campaign, set to last through the end of February, focuses on the safety of motorcyclists on the road.

“It’s putting awareness in the officers saying, ‘Hey motorcycle collisions happen,’” Capitola Sgt. Andrew Dally said. “Keeping it fresh in their mind so that they go out and have more of an awareness.”

It isn’t to target motorcyclists but rather to remind motorcyclists and drivers to slow down and be aware of each other. Extra officers will focus on distracted drivers and motorcyclists as part of a larger effort to reduce accidents, Dally said.

“The whole goal is trying to make sure people are abiding by the rules of the road to prevent collisions,” he said.

Officers will be concentrated in Capitola but officers will also be sent to other areas of the county for enforcement, Dally said.

Though the operation is geared toward lowering deaths and injuries amon…………… continues on Santa Cruz Sentinel

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