MN Safety Officials Stress Motorcycle Training Following Deadly Year on the …
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MN Safety Officials Stress Motorcycle Training Following Deadly Year on the Roads

January 11, 2013 Updated Jan 11, 2013 at 11:26 AM CST

St. Paul, MN ( — The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is urging new and experienced motorcycle riders to take a training course following a deadly year for motorcyclists.

In 2012, 53 riders were killed which is a 26% increase compared to 2011. 2012 was also the deadliest year for motorcyclists since 2009.

“2012 was a deadly year on the road for motorcyclists and it’s up to both riders and drivers to reduce these tragedies,” says Bill Shaffer of the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center. “Riders can take responsibility by keeping their skills sharp through training, wearing high-visibility protective gear and riding sobe…………… continues on Northland’s NewsCenter

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Study: Cameras installed on motorcycles to improve safety
News from NBC2 News:


A study involving more than 100 motorcyclists across the country is making a difference in transportation safety.

One of the motorcyclists involved lives right here in Southwest Florida.

Mike Ginocchi isn’t a weekend warrior.

“The truck sits there. I try to live on two wheels,” he said.

Ginocchi logs 20,000 miles a year on his motorcycle.

He knows the dangers; he says drivers often pull right in front of him.

“That’s the number one consideration… people don’t see me,” Ginocchi said. “If it happens in a car it’s bad enough, if it happens in a motorcycle its big trouble.”

Florida motorcycle crashes were up 15-percent between 2010 and 2011 – the most recent year’s data is not available.

The number of motorcyclists killed rose 18-percent to 413.

Mike is a retired crash investigator and he’s now part of a study to reverse those numbers.

The study keeps a watchful eye on drivers.

“Each of the motorcycles in this study is equipped with five cameras. They all record to a hard drive much like a black box in an airplane. It also tracks speed, acceleration, has a GPS and tricks how close this motorcycle is to other cars,” Ginocchi said.

Mike’s bike is wired; his every movement recorded when he hits the road.

“Most times I don’…………… continues on NBC2 News

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