Montana Highway Patrol issues motorcycle safety reminder
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“Wear your helmet” is something you were probably told as a kid, but The Montana Highway Patrol wants to stress this point to motorcycle riders as well. It’s something so simple, they say, can mean life or death in the event of an accident. 

“If you’re gonna be coming through the state of Montana on a motorcycle it’d be nice if you wear your helmet. We see people taking their helmets off when they get to the Montana Idaho border, and you know it’s not against the law but when a deer comes out in front of you and you’re not protected properly there’s a good chance you’re gonna get hurt,” MHP Captain Jim Kitchen said.

He added that August is one of the busiest months for motorcycle travel, with large gatherings like the “Sturgis motorcycle rally” which attracts millions of riders – some of whom come through Montana, leading MHP to ramp up patrols throughout the state.

One local rider says safety is her number one concern before taking off. 

“We have five kids, so obviously motorcycle safety is extremely important to us, you know we wanna get out there and ride, we wanna enjoy it,” Denise Russell said. “We wanna have the freedom to be able to do that but we wanna be able to go home and enjoy our kids growing up, getting married, having grand kids all that stuff.”

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Deadly Roads: Motorcycle Safety & Important Equipment
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It’s the deadliest year on record at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.

13 people died in crashes related to the rally, and fatal accidents over the weekend in the area have people wondering about safety.

There is one thing that bike shop owners say is needed for safety.

Legendary Motorsports GM Scott Gierke said,”Experience there’s no replacement for a motorcycle”

Hopping on a motorcycle and taking the road this summer is in the minds of many bikers this season.

But accidents are bound to happen.

So the ultimate protection other than biker experience is a helmet.

“People come and buy $ 30,000 motorcycles but sometimes they don’t buy a helmet and when they do they want to buy the cheapest one possible and actually it’s the most important piece of equipment,”said Gierke.

One Minnesota couple returning from Sturgis said they had a great safe time.

But on their trip they had to buy a couple helmets while passing through Nebraska which has helmet laws, unlike in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Patty-Jo & Bobby Schmiedeberg from Lake Bronson said,”I know I will probably more than him, I’m not as good as a driver as he is but I guess I’ll wear it more than he will. I’ll still leave it at home more than likely.”

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