Motorcycle Advocates Bring Motorcycle Safety Awarness to the Streets
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Warm weather means we will see more motorcycles on the road which means its the perfect time to bring safety awareness to our roads. The 3rd annual Rushmore A.B.A.T.E motorcycle safety class was held today at the Retired Enlisted Association. Jiggs Cressy, the state coordinator of ABATE says that the numbers weren’t as high as the chapter expected, but with the nice weather they understood the need for a ride.
The theme for this year’s seminar was titled the 3R’s and share the road. The seminar guest speaker was Wayne Wierson, long time driver and rider saftey instructor and his message was about the need for brotherhood and to never ride impaired. “I developed this program on how to talk to riders to keep them off of bikes after they’d had too much to drink of any group, bikers. The feeling of friendship, comradery , and brotherhood is so strong and wherever you are, there’s every biker is different, but they are so much alike because you go from different state to different state, there’s many similarities. The feeling of friendship and brotherhood keeping them together. It’s the reason they got started riding in the first place and it’s the reason they continue to ride. and we need to do everything possible to keep them alive.”
Wierson is also involved in other meetings across the country from “beast of the east” to “best of the west” he does what he can to…………… continues on

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Insurer works with city of Las Vegas to promote motorcycle safety
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An insurance company is collaborating with the city of Las Vegas to post warning signs alerting motorists to keep an eye out for motorcyclists.

Four “Watch for motorcycles” signs were installed Wednesday on approaches to the intersection of Stewart Avenue and Lamb Boulevard.

Las Vegas Allstate Insurance agent Anthony Fagiana, a motorcyclist, was on hand for the installation, the 38th under Allstate’s “Once is Never Enough” Rider Protection Project, a collection of company safety programs.

“Once is Never Enough” refers to the number of times motorists look at crossing traffic when making a right turn on red when stopped at a traffic light.

“In addition to being an Allstate agency owner here in Las Vegas, I am also a longtime motorcycle rider,” Fagiana said. “I’m so glad that Allstate has committed to installing the ‘Watch for motorcycles’ signs in my hometown, helping to keep drivers and motorists safe by reminding everyone to look twice for motorcycles, because once is never enough.”

The Nevada Transportation Department said there have been 5,757 crashes involving motorcyclists in Clark County between 2006 and 2013 and of those crashes, 52 percent occurred at or near intersections. Of those crashes, 218 resulted in a death and in two-thirds of those fatal crashes, another v…………… continues on Las Vegas Review-Journal

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