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>PRWEB.COM NewswireJacksonville, FL (PRWEB) June 29, 2014

Insuring an American built or foreign built motorcycle will now be an easier process for consumers who visit the Quotes Pros website. Nationwide motorcycle insurance prices can now be searched and compared using the easy system for price data research at

The simplified system now groups companies underwriting different motorcycle coverage plans by zip code. A bike owner can immediately compare costs of insurance from national or regional companies by entering an exact zip code where bikes are stored throughout the year.

“The nationwide and regional companies that exist inside our system are all licensed agencies and allow customization of each insurance product that is requested by motorcycle owners,” said a rep.

The exporting of prices now takes place instantly while using the automated platform available this year. Because an entire list of agencies is returned to users searching the system, prices are grouped between companies and can be reviewed in real time before owners of motorcycles make a selection.

“We’ve configured our system to accept only the zip codes and…………… continues on

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Moped bill awaits vote on Senate floor
News from Jacksonville Daily News:

Published: Monday, June 30, 2014 at 10:00 AM.

Onslow County residents have joined the conversation about legislation that would regulate  mopeds on the state’s roads.

“Everywhere I go, people are talking to me about it, saying ‘What are you going to do about all these mopeds on the road?’” said Rep. Phil Shepard, R-Onslow. 

Shepard introduced a bill that would require license and registration for moped drivers, and a formal study about the feasibility of more regulations. 

State law does not require license or registration for moped drivers. 

The legislation, House Bill 1145, next must return for a vote on the Senate floor and, if it passes, return to the House for a concurrence vote, Shepard said. A Senate committee added an insurance requirement that had been stripped out of the House version. As of Friday afternoon, the bill had not reached the Senate floor.

The study’s finding will be effective on Dec. 31 after it is completed in the legislative off-session, Shepard said. The legislation’s registration and license requirements would be effective July 1, 2015. 

David Harris of Hubert rides motorcycles when he travels throughout the United States to work at nuclear plants. 

He said he hopes the legislation will begin a long-overdue inspection of unregistered bikes, motorcycles a…………… continues on Jacksonville Daily News

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