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Some mopeds must abide by laws governing motorcycles
News from Las Vegas Review-Journal:

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It’s become common to find mopeds sharing the same lanes as cars, despite two-wheeled vehicles’ inability to achieve speed limits designed for their four-wheeled counterparts.

“At first, it was just a money thing,” said southwest resident and moped driver James Elliot. “It’s a much cheaper vehicle to buy, and I can get places faster than I could on the bus. Now it’s just the way I like to go places. It’s a fun ride.”

A moped, considered a motor-driven scooter by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, is clearly defined in Nevada. It must be less than 2 horsepower, have an engine 50 cubic centimeters or smaller and be incapable of driving more than 30 mph on a flat road. If a vehicle meets those specifications, it does not need to be registered or insured, but a regular Class C or higher driver’s license is required to drive it on a public street.

“There’s a lot of confusion about this,” said Miguel Garcia, a public information officer for the Metropolitan Police Department. “It’s really simple. If it has a motor, you need a license for it. You need a Class C license or a Class M license, depending on the vehicle, and there are age requirements for those licenses.”

Children driving motorized two-wheel vehicles on public streets is illegal.

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