Motorcycle noise bill passes house
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North Hampton law sparked controversy

  • Fifth-grade flash mob – 2/24/2012
  • New tanks to boost Smuttynose production – 2/24/2012
  • Second family accuses PHS of ‘interrogation’ – 2/24/2012
  • Victim leaves intensive care as police seek assault suspect – 2/23/2012
  • Fatal attack on pup prompts criticism of euthanasia law – 2/24/2012
  • Guilty plea expected for man facing federal charges after drug bust – 2/24/2012

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Gas Price Spike Stings Small Businesses
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Diplomatic conflict with Iran and the country’s subsequent move to withhold oil distribution is forcing gas prices up and hurting small businesses in the process. Many areas are experiencing price increases above $ 4 a gallon, and some analysts believe prices may hit $ 5 a gallon by summer. There are five small businesses, however, that remain unfazed by the spiking prices. These include VoIP phone service provider Junction Networks (Newton, Pa.), EagleRider Motorcycle Rental (Las Vegas), River City Bicycles (Portland, Ore.), media exchange service (Boston) and i9 Sports (Brandon, Fla.. For more on this continue reading the following article from TheStreet.

After a brief interlude of gas prices falling to less mind-boggling heights (but still over $ 3 a gallon), prices across the U.S. are surging once again.

This past weekend threat by Iran to cut off many of its biggest European customers has returned oil to the world’s top economic concerns.

It can mean only one thing: rising prices at U.S. pumps once again, with some parts of the country surpassing $ 4 a gallon gas in the next few weeks and moving even higher this summer.

The gas price pain hurt almost everyone. Cynthia Magnuson, spokeswoman for the National Federation of Independent Business, says energy costs are hav…………… continues on NuWire Investor

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