Motorcycle Review: 2014 Honda CBR650FA
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CALABOGIE, Ont. — Listen up young men between the ages of 20 and 28 shopping a new motorcycle. If you’re the typical young brigand, full of piss and vinegar, you’re probably considering a 600-cc supersport machine; you know, a Honda CBR600RR, a Kawasaki ZX-6R or a Suzuki Gixxer, all the standard race replicas that have been the staple of the young and testosterone-fueled for nigh on two decades.

But let’s say you’re an anomaly. You’re a level-headed lad, not completely ruled by your testes. Let’s even pretend that buying a motorcycle appropriate for your skill level is more important than impressing your friends with the fatness of your rear tire. Hell, since we’re dreaming in Technicolor, let’s even fantasize that you’re actually going to ride the darn thing (thus making things like comfort, smoothness and fuel economy seemingly important) rather than just popping wheelies up and down Yonge Street.

If you are this rare example of thoughtful knucklehead, have I got a motorcycle for you! Honda has just taken the wrappers of its new CBR650FA, the latest — and the sportiest — of its recent spate of new model releases aimed at the young and budget constrained. The FA, for instance, costs only (admittedly a relative term in this era of youth unemployment) $ 9,…………… continues on Driving

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