Motorcycle safety a hot topic as weather warms
News from The Morning Journal:

Warmer weather has arrived and cars will share the road with motorcycles.

Law enforcement officials are asking all drivers to be more attentive and vigilant to ensure each other�s safety on the road.

�Every year, we go through this phase when the weather starts to get warm and motorcycles start traveling the road again after they haven�t been seen for four or five months,� said Ohio Highway Patrol Lt. Travis Hughes of the Elyria post. �People have to get acclimated again to seeing motorcycles.�

The biggest push for safety on the road for motorists come from awareness, Hughes said.


Visibility is a top priority to reducing the number of traffic accidents involving motorcycles, he said. Riders can increase the chances of being seen by other drivers is by travelling in groups.

�A lot of crashes that involve motorcycles where they are not at fault are often a result of motorists saying that they didn�t see the motorcycle,� Hughes said.

According to the Ohio Highway Patrol, over the past several years, the number of fatal crashes handled by the Elyria post has been relatively low. However, authorities said they are still not satisfied with the results.

In 2014, the Elyria post handled 26 crashes involving motorcycles, two of which were fatal.

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