Motorcycle Safety and Awareness
News from WJFW-TV:
ARBOR VITAE – With recent motorcyle crashes on the minds of some in the Northwoods, safety and awareness are important to remember before getting on your bike.

Obviously there are no seatbelts or airbags on a bike, but there are some other options riders have to protect themselves on the road.

Before you fire up your bike consider some advice from rider David Riegler,

“I rode for years and years without a helmet, but learned through, I think once you start riding with one, you kind of get used to it and it’s definitely well worth doing so.”

Sergeant Jeff Melau of the Rhinelander Police says, “Wisconsin does not have a mandatory helmet law, it means you can ride without it. I certainly would not recommend that. Obviously we’ve seen more helmets save lives than we have without them.”

Sergeant Melau does motorcycle patrol for the Police Department and says you should also protect the rest of your body, “Other safety things that we wear during pol…………… continues on WJFW-TV
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