Motorcycle safety urged by rider who recovered from nearly fatal crash
News from Columbus Dispatch:
As Mark Neal prepared to ride his motorcycle to work at the Franklin County Courthouse on Aug. 19, his wife had an uncomfortable feeling.

“Please don’t ride today,” she told him. “Drive the car.”

But it was a beautiful summer day. Neal, who had been riding motorcycles since he was a teenager, always rode his Harley-Davidson Sportster to work from his Grove City home when the weather was nice. He wasn’t about to change the routine for getting to his job as court reporter for Common Pleas Judge David W. Fais.

Tina Neal doesn’t know why she asked her 53-year-old husband to stay off his motorcycle that morning, something she hadn’t done before in their 31 years of marriage. She never imagined that he wouldn’t make it to work that day.

Four blocks south of the courthouse on S. High Street, the driver of a Saturn coupe made a left turn and struck Neal’s motorcycle. The impact hurled him into a parked car about 40 feet away.

He bounced off the car and into the street…………… continues on Columbus Dispatch
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Sussex campaign focuses on motorcycle safety
News from BBC News:

A film showing a young boy creating his own motorcycle experience is the focus of a road safety campaign in Sussex.

The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) described Stay a Hero, Stay Safe as a celebration of motorcycling showing bikers as role models.

The film depicts a young boy turning his own pedal bike into a motorcycle so he can be like his father, with the aid of skittles, an umbrella and torches.

SSRP manager, Ken Seymour, said he hoped it would help save lives.

“Despite motorcyclists being a small proportion of road users, they make up a large percentage of casualties across Sussex,” he said.

“Stay a Hero deliberately avoids laying blame of any sort and isn’t your usual shocking public service film.

“We hope that it will connect with our …………… continues on BBC News
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