Motorcycle season is underway: Be alert, safe and make sure you have insurance
News from Edmonds Beacon:

With Spring comes the beginning of motorcycle season when many bikers pull their motorcycles out of winter hibernation to cruise Northwest roads and highways.

Unfortunately, with more miles ridden and more bikes on the road, that usually means more motorcycle accidents too.

While safety is the best policy, make sure you also have an insurance policy that protects both you and your motorcycle if you do get in an accident.

Data from the Federal Highway Administration shows approximately eight million motorcycles on U.S. roads in 2009.

In 2010, U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows that 4,502 people died and 82,000 motorcyclists were injured in motorcycle crashes.

Also in 2009, 106,000 motorcycles were involved in property damage-only crashes, according to NHTSA.

“As the weather gets warmer, more motorcyclists will take to the roads,” said Karl Newman, NW Insurance Council president.  “It’s important for other motorists to be on the lookout for motorcycles. It’s also important for motorcyclists to ride safely and have insurance coverage to protect them if an accident happens.”

Fortunately, motorcycle insurance is widely available, either as an endorsement to a personal

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