Motorcycles costly to insurance firm in Costa Rica
News from The Costa Rica Star:

While motorcyclists continued to mount protests against the stiff rise in insurance premiums for next year, the National Insurance Institute (INS) revealed that accident claims by the government-owned company costs them eight billion colones per year in medical costs.

In 2011, INS shelled out 53% of its medical expenses to treat motorcyclists of injuries connected with their means of transport.

INS figures show that that medical costs were up 28% over the year before. Not only is the figure above that paid out for auto accidents (5.253 million colones) but the amount paid out for treatin…………… continues on The Costa Rica Star

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Explore the fall scenery on your motorcycle
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Fall is characterized by changing leaves, football, hooded sweatshirts, cooler temperatures and, if you’re a motorcycle rider, one last chance to rev your engine before you have to place your bike into storage for the snowy, cold winter. Fall is the ideal time to get in that scenic country motorcycle ride as you clear your mind and enjoy all that fall has to offer.

Whether you’re riding solo or venturing out with a group of fellow riders, here’s a look at some country rides that won’t disappoint.

Texas hills: Texas Hill Country stretches from Austin to San Antonio and is characterized by winding roads, spectacular views and historic places along the route. What’s more is that you can ride these country roads year-round, so if you live in a northern climate and are itching for a ride during the long winter, you’re in luck.

Russell Country: Montana is about more than cowboys and dude ranches. Its Russell Country portion offers one of the most scenic 280-mile country motorcycle rides, featuring a combination of mountains and Great Plains riding. The Russell Country trail will take you six-plus hours to complete, but the views and landscape are the ultimate riding adventure.

Great Plains: Kansas might best be associated with farmland and tornadoes, but during ancient times, the s…………… continues on News Banner

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