Motorcyclists share bicyclists’ helmet concerns
News from Baltimore Sun:

As a motorcyclist, I am always fascinated by the concerns of bicyclists as to helmets (“Helmet bills gets objections from bike advocates,” Feb. 13). If you switched the mode of transportation, you would see the same arguments apply. Yet motorcyclists are not allowed the same opportunity afforded the others. We are required to wear helmets, period. Bicyclists are only required to wear them if they are under 16 years old.

Both bicyclists and motorcyclists have to obey the laws that apply to all motor vehicles including speed limits, stop signs, yield signs or any other traffic control devices. So why is it the legislature cannot agree to raise the mandatory age limit of a bicyclist to 18 but can’t support the legislation of motorcyclists to the same age limit? I ride both bicycles and motorcycles, yet there are two totally different age mandates. I cannot see the logic behind this.

I repeat, change the mode of transportation to read “motorcycle,” compare the arguments for and against both the mandate and the age limits and, if you are willing to allow adults to make a choice as to whether to wear a helmet when on a bicycle, let me al…………… continues on Baltimore Sun

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Man pleads guilty to filing false insurance claims
News from Newsmagazinenetwork:

Brian Behl pled guilty last week to filing false insurance claims to divert more than $ 400,000 for his personal expenses.

According to court documents, Behl worked for Allianz as a claims adjuster in the O’Fallon office for about 10 years until he was terminated on Sept. 20, 2012. Allianz, which also did business from time to time as Fireman’s Fund, is a company that provides insurance against theft, damage and other losses to personal property.  Allianz’s clients are companies whose employees were re-locating for employment purposes.  Whenever property was damaged during a move, the covered employee would file a claim with Allianz, which would be reviewed by a claims adjuster.  During the claims process, either the adjuster or a salvage company would assess the value of the damaged property.  In some instances, a salvage company would pay the covered employee directly for the damaged property and then take custody of it.  Allianz then…………… continues on Newsmagazinenetwork

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