MSF 100 Motorcyclists Data Analysis Underway
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The Motorcycle Safety Foundation and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute have begun to identify which factors lead to safe riding, and which factors lead to crashes and near-crashes, following the completion of an exploratory review and organization of data from the MSF 100 Motorcyclists Naturalistic Study. The MSF 100 data set includes approximately 363,000 miles of riding, as well as data from riders of nearly every age group (21-80 years).

From analysis completed to date, the data include individuals who rode most days and others who had long stretches without riding. There are riders who commute, and others who ride for pleasure; riders who sometimes wear all their gear and sometimes don’t wear their gear. As expected, the bulk of the data is “riding without incident.” However, there are incidents – crashes and near-crashes – that will be studied.

VTTI and MSF will conduct a detailed analysis of crashes, near-crashes, and matching periods of uneventful (baseline) riding to determine how different factors increase or decrease risk for riders. Within each event, over 50 factors will be scored using five video…………… continues on

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