New DMV laws affect older drivers
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A new mature driver law that went into effect Thursday now requires drivers over the age of 75 take a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles every five years to renew their driver’s licenses.

This adjusts the current law by substracting five years from the required age and three years from the renewal requirement. Before Jan. 1, any driver over the age of 80 had to renew their license every eight years.

The new law, called “Darren’s Law,” was passed in 2014 as the result of a DMV-led study. Representatives from the medical profession, elder care industry, state agencies, state colleges and universities, law enforcement, AARP, AAA Mid-Atlantic, insurance industries and concerned citizens all participated in the study.

The law was named in memory of Darren Morrell, a 32-year-old Oakton man who was killed by an elderly driver turning into traffic without looking, hitting his motorcycle. The driver was unaware of the accident, and continued driving until he was stopped a short distance up the road.

Morrell’s family led the movement for greater safety standards for older drivers. Delegate Timothy Hugo championed the bill, with assistance from Senator Jeffer…………… continues on Southwest Times

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