On Two Wheels: Making the case for motorcycle safety courses
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I have heard renewed talk in the motorcycle community as to whether or not make a motorcycle safety course mandatory in order to receive a license to operate a motorcycle.

Unlike my generation, there are far fewer riders with a lot of two-wheeler experience. It’s just a fact of life. Kids today are not nearly as driven to outdoor activities as we once were with the advent of computers, video games and cell phones. The more experienced bikers seem to be those where motorized two-wheelers ran in the family which was then passed down to newer generations. When I was a young man, there were many of us that spent a good deal of time outdoors riding everything from mini-bikes to motorcycles of every kind. That’s just the way it was, we made our own fun outside because we didn’t know anything else.

In Massachusetts, you can obtain a learner’s permit by simply taking and passing a computerized test. This allows for someone to ride virtually unimpeded save for some restrictions as no passengers and the hours that you can operate the vehicle. A more stringent test and road test is required to receive a full motorcycle license but even that is not a difficult challenge in my opinion. When you couple in-experience with the fact that someone can walk in to a motorcycle shop and buy…………… continues on MassLive.com

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Motorcycle safety on the minds of some riders after two fatal crashes
News from WISN Milwaukee:

Four people died in motorcycle crashes in Wisconsin in the past two days.

“While I’m driving checking my mirrors and looking behind me to see if there’s any cars that are coming up fast,” said motorcyclist Jason Laitsch. “A minor accident in a car can be a life-ending accident on a motorcycle so I’d say defensive driving is one of the biggest things they teach you in safety classes.”

Laitsch learned motorcycle safety classes over the spring and summer at Waukesha County Technical College.

WCTC will host more than five dozen motorcycle safety classes this spring and summer.

“We already completed the liability form we’ll talk more about that,” said instructor Jim Imoehl, a motorcycle riding coach.

Imoehl said this week’s deadly motorcycle crashes should serve as a lesson for those who drive cars.

“As community members and as car drivers we need to be aware that there are going to be more motorcyclists on the road,” he said.

Jill Congelmi is enrolled in the safety course.. She said learning to ride is on her bucket list, having survived breast cancer.

“A year ago I would have told you I just wanted to be a passenger and now I want a little bit of freedom to go when I want to go. So I want to know how to do it right and get some training,” she said.

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