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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A motorcycle accident left a man with a broken leg. He needs supervision by doctors, but forget the hospital. He’s laid up in a hotel.

Tommy Ritch says he wants his old insurance back and is willing to pay more not to be on Medicare.

“I can’t be the only person in the United States that’s having problems like this,” Ritch said.

Ritch, 65, was put on Medicare at the beginning of September, although he had paid for his private insurance until October.

A woman hit Ritch on his motorcycle earlier this month and severely broke his leg. When ritch went the hospital, he was treated but told he had to go, because Medicare would not cover his extended stay for observation.

“The medical staff at the hospital insisted that I not be discharged, the medical staff. Then the administrative staff kept saying yes, I do need to be discharged,” Ritch said.

Doctors told Ritch his leg was too swollen to operate, so they had to wait. Medicare said he had to wait somewhere else.

“I don’t think somebody with a serious leg injury should be discharged, because medicare doesn’t want to pay for the hospital to keep you under observation,” Ritch said.

Ritch, who lives in Swansboro, relocated to a hotel near Cape Fear Memorial Hosptial on his own dime.

Now, he waits.

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