Our View: Time to require helmets for younger riders
News from Iowa City Press-Citizen:

Ever since their classmate, Caroline Found, died in a moped crash in August, three West High seniors have committed themselves to changing Iowa’s helmet laws in her memory.

Iowa is one of three states in the nation that does not have any helmet regulations. Rather than require moped or motorcycle riders to wear helmets, the Iowa Department of Transportation promotes helmet use through education. Drivers younger than 18 are required to take a 15-hour motorcycle safety course.

Found, however, was not wearing a helmet when her moped crashed into a tree along Mormon Trek Boulevard.

In response to Found’s death, her friends — Olivia Lofgren, Caroline Van Voorhis and Leah Murray — have been lobbying local lawmakers and anyone else who will listen to pass a law requiring people younger than 18 to wear a helmet while riding a moped or scooter.

The hope, they say, is that the requirement will give teenagers up to three years of riding with a helmet to develo…………… continues on Iowa City Press-Citizen

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