Pa. motorcycle-safety bill clears legislature
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A bill to change the way Pennsylvania motorcycle riders obtain and use learner’s permits is on the way to becoming law.

House Bill 892 passed the state House of Representatives on concurrence Tuesday following unanimous approval in the Senate last week.

The new law would limit the number of times a motorcycle rider can reapply for a learner’s permit to three times in a five-year period.

Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover), the bill’s author, said some riders have been treating permits like actual licenses since current law allows them to reapply for a permit every year.

“Permits are temporary and their purpose is to get riders to obtain full driver’s licenses,” Grove said in a statement. “This legislation will enable riders to learn properly while pushing them to actually get their motorcycle licenses.”

The bill is headed to Governor Tom Corbett’s desk to be signed into law.

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Motorcycle Safety group is not about money
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I would like to respond to Tom Littrell’s inaccurate and demeaning portrayal of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (“Motorcycle Safety Foundation is about money, not safety,” Letters, Nov. 29).

As background, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing motorcyclist safety. More than 450,000 students nationwide take the MSF novice hands-on rider training course each year (nearly 7 million since 1974), and the vast majority appreciate the depth and quality of the instruction, which does indeed prepare a motorcyclist, regardless of prior riding experience, for riding on the road in real-world traffic situations.

MSF does not, in Mr. Littrell’s words, “extort money from motorcyclists.” The 40-plus training sites in Virginia are owned and operated by independent Virginia businesses (not MSF) and managed by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (not MSF), with the maximum tuition set by the Virginia Rider Training Program (not MSF). MSF allows training providers to use its curriculum for free and MSF does not receive any portion of students’ tuition. MSF’s only revenue from training in Virginia is a margin on the MSF Basic RiderCourse Handbook, which is purchased by the training provider for $ 1.60 eac…………… continues on

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