Patrol pushing motorcycle safety from riders and others
News from Times Bulletin:

Times Bulletin Editor
VAN WERT — After a long winter, motorists are seeing more motorcyclists on the highways. The Ohio State Highway Patrol is cautioning drivers of motorcycles and other types of vehicles to concentrate on safety on the roadways to help avoid potential tragedies.
“You have to be very defensive when you ride a motorcycle,” cautioned Trooper Chad Spallinger of the Van Wert Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. Spallinger has been riding motorcycles for 21 years, putting more than 200,000 miles on various bikes. “Most car/motorcycle accidents are caused by either cars pulling out in front of a motorcycle or someone turning left. You always have to assume that car is going to pull out in front of you or turn left in front of you. They do not see you. If I’m coming up on a bike to an intersection where I don’t have to stop and the other way does have to stop. If I see a car there, I just start slowing down and getting ready because chances ar…………… continues on Times Bulletin

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With The Weather Warming Up, Motorcycle Safety A Concern
News from WHAG:

FREDERICK, Md. – By the looks of it, Dean Millman seems like your average motorcyclist, but take a closer look and you quickly realize there is more to the story.

“My leg was amputated below the knee and that started a new life for me,” said Millman.

In March 2009, Millman was out for a morning bike ride with his wife and a few friends when a car went against oncoming traffic and hit him, his wife and another friend.

“Because of a distracted driver, who wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings, she changed our lives forever,” said Millman.

With the weather warming up, more motorcyclists will be on the road, which means chances of accidents involving motorcycles will increase immensely.

In the first nine months of 2012, 138 motorcyclists died in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. Another 3,922 bikers died nationwide in that same time period.

“One of the things that people learn when taking the class is a strategy so that you can see these things before they become an immediate hazard in front of you,” said Missy Morrison, Manager of the Harley Davidson Riding Academy in Frederick, Md.

Morrison says one of your best tools as a motorcyclist is to always be alert and for traditional drivers, give bikers some space.

“Respect the motorcyclist. We are real people with real families,” ad…………… continues on WHAG

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