Program honors safety efforts
News from Parkersburg News:

PARKERSBURG – Several police officers and a Calhoun County couple were recognized for their contributions to community safety during a presentation Tuesday at the Wood County Commission on Crime, Delinquency and Corrections meeting.

“This is our eighth year for the Highway Safety Advocate Awards and this year is no different in that we have a wide array of very deserving winners. Those who work in the nonprofit and or government world, know that volunteers play a tremendous role in helping get things done, and our winners this year have done just that and they have done so without thinking of receiving an award or recognition, but just because it was the right thing to do,” said Toni Tiano, coordinator for the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Highway Safety Program.

The program serves nine counties.

One of the award winners was Wood County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Deem, an 8-year veteran of the sheriff’s office. Prior to going to work in the sheriff’s…………… continues on Parkersburg News

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Legislation could ease state’s motorcycle helmet laws
News from MetroWest Daily News:

Gutting a state law requiring helmets for motorcyclists will increase the number of deaths and serious head injuries, law enforcement officials and safety advocates say.

The proposed measure will be the subject of a legislative hearing on Beacon Hill today.The bill, filed by Sen. Stephen Brewer, D-Barre, and set to be discussed by the Joint Committee on Transportation, would require only those under 21 to wear a helmet. All motorcyclists and passengers now must wear helmets.

“Being over 21 or under 21 doesn’t matter if you’re involved in a crash,” Framingham Police Chief Steven Carl said. “Age has nothing to do with the injuries you’ll sustain. It’s proven how much helmets will reduce injuries and save lives.”

MetroWest is home to 8,000 registered motorcyclists.

Massachusetts is one of 20 states requiring that all motorcyclists wear helmets. Three states – Illinois, Iowa and New Hampshire – have no helmet laws. If Brewer’s proposal passes, Massachus…………… continues on MetroWest Daily News

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