Record-high motorcycle ridership underscores training need
News from Coon Rapids ECM Publishers:

St. Paul, MN — According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS), motorcycle rider training sharpens skills, gives riders the edge to be a better rider, and may save their lives.

Course registration for motorcyclists of all experience levels is now available at Training is available at 31 MnSCU locations from April through October.

Ridership is at record-high levels in Minnesota, with almost 230,000 registered motorcycles and more than 404,000 licensed operators. Preliminary reports indicate 41 rider deaths in 2011, down from a 24-year high of 72 in 2008. Rider deaths account for 10 percent of Minnesota’s total traffic deaths annually.

“A majority of fatal motorcycle crashes result from rider error,” says Bill Shaffer of the DPS Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center (MMSC). “Many crashes could be prevented by riders honing their crash-avoidance skills through proper training.”

In the last five years, 42,553 riders have taken a MMSC rider training course. MMSC offers a variety of affordable courses for all skill levels led by high-quality, MSF-certified rider coaches. Course registration is easy online at Courses include:

• Basic Rider Course ($ 160) — The essential beginning rider course, riders can earn a…………… continues on Coon Rapids ECM Publishers

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