Safety officer combines motorcycles, mentorship
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CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. – Marines go through several months of preparation prior to deploying. They qualify on different ranges and during field training exercises, which prepares them to operate overseas in potentially hostile environments as well as in non-hostile locations.

Upon their return, most Marines are not only more confident, but the majority of them have acquired quite a bit of money in their bank accounts, which will enable some to buy the motorcycle they’ve dreamed of.

Unfortunately, safety might not be their main focus while driving down the main road on their brand-sparkling-new motorcycle. It is, however, the main focus of Staff Sgt. Brent M. Sharp, the 2nd Marine Logistics Group safety chief and motorcycle safety officer, originally from Saint Paul, Minn., who has been riding motorcycles for 34 years.

“We have a pretty broad spectrum [in the safety office]; we cover everything such as laser safety, respiratory protection, radiation safety, hearing conservation, bloodworm pathogens, traffic safety and fire safety,” Sharp said. “Obviously, traffic safety is the most important one because about 76 percent of our mishaps are traffic related.”

Traffic safety covers all aspects of safely operating a motor vehicle, especially motorcycles. In 2008, an article released by CNN explained how 25 Marines died in motorcycle crashes…………… continues on DVIDS

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