Safety tips after fatal motorcycle crashes
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After two deadly crashes involving motorcycles just days apart, safety experts are reminding people of the dangers associated with riding and how these accidents can be avoided.

John Donlon, an instructor at Jacksonville Motorcycle Training said riding a bike is never 100 percent risk-free, which is why it’s important to get training.

“We’ll see folks swerving in their lanes, not paying attention,” said Donlon. “Even just something as simple as looking over your shoulder, the bikes going to go that way, if you do that once, you can go right over the center line and bad things can happen.”

Donlon said 77 percent of motorcycle crashes occur at the front of the bike – from the 11:00 position to the 1:00 position. He said many times it’s because other drivers aren’t paying attention.

The two most recent crashes involving motorcyclists happened over the weekend. In both cases the drivers of the other vehicles pulled out in front of the bikes.

Donlon said it bears repeating: Always check twice.

“Cars and trucks and vehicles have gotten much better at being nice and quiet in the cockpits of the vehicles, which is a problem cause you can’t ear anything that’s going on around you,” said Donlon. “But, we want people to check twice.”

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Wisconsin US Senator Johnson wants to end motorcycle safety checkpoints
News from WHBL Sheboygan:

Friday, January 09, 2015 10:45 a.m. CST

Motorcycles sit on display in the showroom at Harley-Davidson of Wausau, May 9, 2014 (photo: Raymond Neupert, WSAU)

WASHINGTON D.C. (WTAQ) – U.S. Senate Republican Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is sponsoring a bill to end federal funding for motorcycle safety checkpoints.

A number of senators from both parties are reintroducing the bill, after it failed to pass in the last session.

It would prohibit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from giving grants to states to have police stop motorcycles and make sure they meet state standards for things like noise, tire pressure, and handlebar lengths.

New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen says there are no checkpoints that stop cars to check their tire pressures, so there should not be checkpoints for motorcycles either.

Five senators, including Johnson, have introduced the new bill. The others are Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, Susan Collins of Maine, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

(Story courtesy of Wheeler News Service)

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