San Mateo motorcyclist killed in crash on Kings Mountain Road
News from San Jose Mercury News:

Stewart Sutter spent his life seeking thrills on skateboards and snowy slopes, but little compared to the rush of racing his motorcycle down a twisty mountain road. It was an obsession that cost the 32-year-old his life Tuesday, but one his older brother said he understood and shared.

“Our thing was, ‘Let’s get muddy. Let’s ride skateboards. Let’s ride dirt bikes,’ ” Joey Sutter told The Daily News. “If we fall, we fall.”

The younger Sutter died in a high-speed motorcycle crash on Kings Mountain Road north of Huddart Park Road at about 5:50 p.m. Tuesday, the California Highway Patrol reported. The San Mateo resident lost control of his 2008 Triumph while braking hard, sailed up a sloped shoulder and collided with a tree roughly 10 feet away, CHP Officer Art Montiel said Wednesday.

Stewart Sutter, who was wearing his helmet, was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is too early in the investigation to say exactly how fast he was traveling or w…………… continues on San Jose Mercury News
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A trend is afoot, according to “MythBusters” television host Adam Savage: ”People are trading in their cars and driving motorcycles instead because they believe that’s the more environmentally friendly choice,” Savage said in Wednesday’s season opener of the popular Discovery Channel show. “The logic is because motorcycles are generally more fuel-efficient than cars, they burn less gas and thus they must be better for the environment.”

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