Should all Drivers’ Names go on Insurance Card?
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Question: I’m about to buy a motorcycle and wanted to know if my common-law wife (fiancée) can drive my new 2013 Sonata? I have full coverage on the car, but she’s not directly on my policy. Would she be breaking the law if she were pulled over in the car for whatever reason? Would she be covered in an accident? I’m in Texas.

Answer: It would appear that your fiancée is living with you if she can be considered your common-law wife, and that is reason enough to add her to your car insurance policy.  However, it’s also important to get her on the policy because in the great state of Texas, you can get cited by law enforcement if your name is not on to the insurance card of the car you are driving.

Car insurance companies want to determine the risk they’re taking on by offering you an auto insurance policy and thus require you to inform them of all licensed household members and anyone else who frequently drives your vehicles.  (See “Who can drive my…………… continues on Fox Business

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