Soldiers required to take motorcycle safety course
News from Belvoir Eagle:

By: Tim Cherry/Staff writer |

The Fort Belvoir garrison encourages motorcyclist to exercise caution while riding on and off post during all riding conditions.

The motorcycle safety program helps the Army and Department of Defense eliminate motor vehicle-related accidents on military bases.

Soldiers and civilians can help reduce such incidents by riding responsibly and wearing proper personal protection equipment that includes, a fastened helmet, eye protection such as goggles or a full-face shield, sturdy shoes, full-fingered gloves, long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket.

PPE must meet DoD and Army approved standards.

The Army Safety Program Regulation 385-10 encourages but does not require motorcyclists to wear fluorescent or retro-reflective safety vests or jackets while riding. However, garrison officials still recommend riders wear the vests and any equipment that reduces the chances for an accident.

“On that motorcycle it’s life and death,”said Patricia Borel, Fort Belvoir Safety Office safety specialist……………. continues on Belvoir Eagle

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Motorcycle Safety Campaign Kicks Off
News from KIII TV3:


When a motorcycle crash happens, a whopping 87% of the time the motorcyclists is injured or killed.

There are now more motorcycles on the road than ever before, about double in the past decade, but unfortunately the number of the number of motorcyclists killed since 2000 also doubled.

That’s the reason why the Texas Department of Transportation’s, “Share The Road” campaign is so important.

Wednesday, folks with TxDOT and local riders joined forces to kick off the campaign.  The major points of the campaign are:

1. Look twice, especially at intersections.
2. Give them space, meaning, don’t follow a motorcycle too closely.
3. Anticipate next steps, give motorcyclists plenty of space to react.

“Personally I can tell you, when I am driving, people are distracted on cell phones, texting, phone calls, eating putting on makeup and reading newspapers.  This isn’t a personal thing, this isn’t us against them, them against us, cars, trucks.  Everyone should be safe when they drive,” says Miguel Johnson, President of the Cyclone Riders Motorcycle Club.

In Texas, about half of all fatal crashes involving a motorcyclist and a car at an intersection.  The driver of the car says he or she just never saw the bike.

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